Vennikulam Salem Marthoma Church --- Sunday School

"Train a child in the way he should go , when he is old he will not depart from it" Proverbs 22: 6

In the Mar Thoma Church, Sunday Schools play a very significant role in the spiritual renewal and growth of young generation. The formal inauguration of the Sunday School Samajam comprising all the Schools, which had already been started in the parishes, took place at Maramon Convention in 1905. 'Come to Jesus and bring every child to Jesus' is the motto of our Sunday school.

Bible Study classes were held at Vennikulam Salem even before Malankara Marthoma Sunday School Samajam was initiated by the church. It was conducted at the home of Mavelikkattu Kuruvilla. That house was situated at the place where the vennikulam post office existed some years back. Bible stories were described to children who came from the neighbouring areas, on all Sundays. It expanded as one of the branches of Sunday school samacham after a few years. It started functioning under the supervision of our parish. The teachers in those days were Arikkattu Idiculla, Kizhake Kachukuzhiyil Abraham, Cheruvally Geevarghese, Malayil Pathorose, M.G Varghese, Maalayil Andathramannil M.G Thomas, Alumkal Chacko, Neermankal Mathai, Pazhayidathu Thomas Mathew…..etc to mention a few. Children have achieved high grades and have fetched special prize in the ‘Biruthu’ Examinations held under the aegis of the Sunday school samajam, ever since study syllabus was revised and educated youth came forward to the service of teaching. V.B.S, both endearing and advantageous to the children, is being held during all vacations. Now, we have strength of 15 teachers and 120 students.


  • Encourage Children to Use Biblical Principles as a moral compass to guide and
  • protect them through out every day life.
  • Teaching kids about God and developing them as an important part of our church.
  • To bring every children close to Jesus.
  • Challenging them to promote the values of kingdom of God in their lives and to serve others in true Christian love.
  • To Develop a child’s  identity  as part of community.

Committee Members

President Rev. Joji M George  
HeadMaster Mr.Joy Mathew Pazhayidathu
Treasurer Mrs. Mariyamma Varghese Malayil
Kaisthanasamithy Mrs. Ruby Varghese Pazhayidathu

Contact Information

Thelliyoor P.O, Vennikulam, Kerala, India
Phone: (0469) 2999171